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Video speaks louder than words!!

I love meeting new and different people and knowing that the work I do has such a positive impact on their business, It's so exciting to see what video can do for websites and company branding!


I strive to feel proud of the work I create and produce. My most favourite moment is when I receive feedback from my clients and that they are happy with the final product and they had fun with the whole process!


I so enjoy the diversity of my job, one day I’m planning, another I’m filming and the next I'm editing! 


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What does Janice Offer?

Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses 

For websites and social media platforms, short or long videos - create an emotional bond with your viewer by featuring yourself or real people. Customers are buying your whole brand and how it makes them feel, this can often be the catalyst for your website viewer to take action, buy your product, or reach out to you.

Welcome Video 

Perfect for your Website's landing page! What do you have to offer your potential client?

About Me Video

Lets tell your story! Where are you from and how did you get here?

Product Video

Invite customers to take a closer look, highlighting product details. 

Tutorial Video

Keep your viewer fully engaged, with increased levels of information absorbtion. 

Testimonial Video

More convincing and powerful than a written review and entertaining content to share on social media.


Professional profile photo's or place/product photo's for your website and social media.


For all internal communication - create consistent, engaging and entertaining content that can be used in many areas of the organisation. 

Introduction Video 

Welcome your new employees to the organisation.

Training Video

Record a presentation that can be used for webinars and any company policy updates.

Recruitment Video

Invite customers to take a closer look, highlighting product details. 

Event Video

Showcase the highlights of a successful event, and use as promotional material for future events.


Update profile pictures, group photos or event photography. 

Video communicates a variety of information in just seconds. Potential customers can very quickly get a sense of who you are and what you are offering. 


Viewers retain,
95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.


I work very closely with my clients, making sure I understand their business and the message they want to portray.




Working with Janice was a true pleasure! She was very professional and I’m beyond happy and satisfied with the result. She had many great ideas of how the videos are best made for the business I have. She also took extra time and made a little fun “bloopers” film that my customers appreciated. She is so nice and easy to work with and helped me along the way when I was struggling. She also helped me arrange the videos on my webpage. My sales actually went up as soon as I had the video content on my webpage. She also made films for YouTube and social media for me. I could not recommend her enough and am so happy I decided to do this with her.



Janice's kindness, attentiveness and professionalism permeates everything she does. From coordinating the logistics for the filming, the filming itself, to the delivery of outstanding, crisp, creative and spot-on videos, I felt in great hands. I'd highly recommend Janice!

//Nina Werner

Align The Dots

What I most enjoyed about working with Janice, is that she is really proactive. She collaborated with us and helped us figure out how we can best represent the company. She brought lots of amazing creative ideas to the table that we hadn’t even thought about. For this big project I didn’t need to overthink or plan too much, she spent time with us, really getting to know how we operate and what our core values are, and then she creatively delivered on the brief. Super kind and understood what we needed very deeply. Her professionalism and maximalism brought better results than we expected. Working together was very easy and smooth, I couldn’t be happier with our video.

//Shaul Moalem


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